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Diamond Capital Advisors is pleased to announce the acquisition of Oval Head Corp by our client Komax Systems, Inc. Diamond’s deal team was led by Managing Directors Gary Ferrell and Mark Ross, who worked closely with Komax and Oval Head management to complete the deal.

Komax Acquired Oval Head Corp

The Involved Parties

Oval Head, a metal fabricator located in Florence, CA, is an ideal complement to Komax, a leader in inline static mixing and direct injection steam heaters, having created a diverse portfolio of patented, cutting-edge of technologies of Inline Static Mixers, Direct Injection Steam Heaters, Desuperheaters, and Heat Exchangers that are resilient, energy saving, and capable of solving the most complex mixing and heat transfer challenges.

CEO of Komax Susie Smith said, “Komax is very pleased with its acquisition of Oval Head. This strategic purchase will bring most of our manufacturing and fabrication in-house enabling us to better serve the needs of our clients while also improving our bottom line. We have worked with Oval Head for many years now; they are an ideal fit for us.”

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