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Nick BerquistWe are pleased to announce that Nicholas Berquist has been promoted to the position of Vice President with Diamond Capital Advisors. Nick joined the firm in 2021 and has lent critical support to several deals including the successful sale of Momentum Engineering Corporation in 2022. Nick has M&A expertise in the Business Services, Technology (Photonics & Microfluidics), Restaurant & Retail, and Media industry verticals.

Nick previously worked with Strategic Wealth Management Group and passed his CFA Level One certification examination on the first try. Nick’s experience includes investment strategy optimization, portfolio modeling to maximize returns and data visualization.

Prior to joining Diamond Capital Advisors, Nick was an operations manager in the hospitality industry. Nick demonstrated excellence in growing revenue and profits for both new ventures and seasoned establishments. During his time in hospitality management, he was involved in activities ranging from bulk purchase negotiations, management training and hiring, vertical integration, product sourcing, and cost center control.

Nick graduated Magna Cum Laude from Penn State University where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance.

View Nick’s bio on Diamond Capital’s website and connect with Nick on LinkedIn.