The Diamond Advantage

Diamond Capital Advisors is a team of experienced professionals, all former business owners who have successfully run and then sold their own businesses, who are now dedicated to achieving the highest possible value for our clients.

We increase personal and corporate wealth through mergers, acquisitions, and raising capital at the most favorable terms possible. We act as your bridge, translating the words and process of the capital markets to that of normal, everyday business language.

We manage the entire transaction process so you don’t have to worry about it.  We drive value by implementing a transactional approach that includes sophisticated pre-planning focusing upon the clients’ needs and concerns, coupled with an aggressive and disciplined blind auction process.

“We manage the entire transaction process so you don’t have to worry about it”

We start by listening to you and understanding both your current and long-term capital needs.  We work with your other trusted advisors; your attorneys, accountants and wealth managers, so that everyone is pulling in the same direction, working at maximum efficiency to accomplish these goals..

Our clients come from both the public and private sectors with revenues up to $200 million dollars.  They are from almost every industry, including  manufacturing, Internet, healthcare, food, oil & gas, media and entertainment, advertising agencies, retailers, etc.

The Diamond Capital Advisors team provides these midmarket companies with the dedication, insight and experience usually reserved for only large multi-national corporations.

The Diamond Approach

In every capital market transaction, millions of dollars of corporate and personal value is at risk. Diamond’s experience, discipline and insight result in driving significant additional value for our clients and their businesses. The Diamond Team understands the fine distinctions that turn a “market value transaction” into a “market leading transaction” and delivers.

Customizing Transactions

Every assignment is different.  Every client is different as well. We believe that business owners deserve a transaction experience custom-made for their individual situations and needs/goals. We consult with you, discerning what it is that you both want and need to achieve with the transaction. This approach provides our clients with the knowledge and flexibility that many larger firms often cannot offer.

“Flexibility, diligence and experience are the keys to successfully completing most midmarket transactions”

We are big enough to be powerful and nimble enough to adjust the transaction process according to you, the client’s stated and implied needs. At each step of the process, we offer and advise on the different options that are available. This enables us to chart the path towards achieving maximum value, quicker.

The Diamond Team knows that flexibility, diligence and experience are the keys to successfully completing most middle market transactions.  Our deep operational backgrounds help us better understand the executive’s goals and how to achieve them.

Operational Experience

The key Partners and Managing Directors at Diamond have all started, grown, successfully operated and sold their own companies prior to joining the Investment Banking community. This broad base of experienced leadership enables Diamond to develop an insightful businessperson-to-businessperson relationship, not an MBA-to-businessperson, academic relationship. The Diamond Team works well (and enjoys working) within the family dynamics that often drives many mid-market transactions and knows that often the best transaction for an owner or entrepreneur is one that takes into account many factors besides price.

As “operational investment bankers,” Diamond is better able to represent the benefits of our clients’ businesses to potential buyers/investors. And as former operators, Diamond’s bankers are also sensitive to management’s time and attention in this process. We want our clients to maintain their focus on their businesses, continuing to manage their firms, building their revenues while we aggressively drive the investment/auction process forward. We have all experienced how companies operate, making our learning curve shorter and the transactions closing  process quicker.


The Diamond Team enjoys the transaction process of creating value, from crafting presentations to effective negotiations. All new business is a challenge. Every presentation gives us an opportunity to exercise our creativity. Every negotiation has drama and every closing has the thrill of victory.

Enthusiasm creates energy. We use this energy to conduct aggressive marketing campaigns and setting up competition between potential investors. At the end of the day we temper this energy with the steadiness  and balance of maturity when negotiating.

Intensity in marketing – calmness in negotiation.

The Managing Partner who starts the transaction finishes the transaction and is deeply involved in every aspect of the deal. Other firms make money by leveraging their partners’ time, creating silos of responsibility – we work as a team; we make money by closing transactions. In other words, we get paid for results.

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