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Diamond Capital Advisors

Mergers & Acquisitions • Capital Raises • Valuations

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Diamond Capital Headquarters

Sell Your Company

Someone will pay more for your business than anyone else. It’s our job to find them.

Buy a Company

We reduce the risk of making an acquisition by extensively searching for the right company and negotiating the best deal.

Raise Money

When your bank won’t lend you all the money you need, we will find alternative sources of capital at the best possible terms and conditions.

Fairness Opinions

We deliver valuations quickly and efficiently for estate planning, ESOPS, tax matters and many other situations.

Strategic Options

We analyze and summarize the risks and rewards each of the appropriate liquidity options.

Our Values

We align our values with those of our clients. We are relentless, meticulous, and creative in our process. As a trusted advisor, we bring urgency, discretion, and integrity, to achieve the highest value, the most favorable terms, and best fit to your corporate equity transaction.

Our Team

Diamond’s professionals have operated and sold businesses, giving them a unique perspective when working with business owners.

Our Global Reach

We are part of an integrated global network of middle-market advisory firms with 40 worldwide locations.

Alliance of International Corporate Advisors